With an impressive range of high quality timber products!

Kashmir Carpentry was established in 1977. Founder of the Company Haji Abdul Ghani(late) and Haji Muhammad Siddique and managing director Ashiq Hussain S/O Haji Abdul Ghani and Rizwan Siddique S/O Haji Muhammad Siddique. Kashmir Carpentry has established a strong presence across the country U.A.E.

Kashmir Carpentry has an excellent team to execute the project to small and large scale industries. We have a reputation in the industry for quality and the execution. We set it our customer satisfaction with high quality products and services.

Since we have started we have a number of customers across the country U.A.E, we adopt new technologies and we provide it our customers up time. This makes Kashmir Carpentry outstanding from other service and product provides.

Quality work, done time after time; this is what we’re all about. Kashmir Carpentry’s employees don’t just deliver quality, it’s part of our everyday life. For us, the client is king is not an empty phrase without significance. With management’s encouragement, it’s become our mantra and our sense of family means that clients aren’t numbers, but members of our family.

Customer satisfaction is priority #1. One of the best things about Kashmir Carpentry’s personnel is that their values match those of the company. We run projects, make improvements, always in order to keep customer satisfaction as our top priority. We take care of our customers the way we would like to be taken care of!

We have the largest product range in our industry. we can provide the most affordable and highest quality product range across the board. Quality goes far beyond our products. It extends to each and every one of our employees. No matter what the context, you will be surprised by service that exceeds your expectations.